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“We’re not happy until you’re crying!”

This is one of our company slogans. We have one for every occasion (that’s another of our slogans, by the way). After all, what’s the point of founding a company if you can’t have lots of slogans? Another one is, “If we don’t burn the midnight oil getting it right, then it’s already right.” But now I am going off topic. One of our Jazz and Blues specialists, Noodle, did a tribute for a young lady from North Carolina set to the tune of Miss Celie’s Blues (Sister) from The Color Purple soundtrack. Noodle got every last detail in that sweet song: the honoree’s prowess at ping pong back in the 80’s, a reference to her attempt to rollerblade at a skateboard park (which didn’t work out), her culinary preference for hors d’oeuvres…the usual smorgasbord of human foibles…and when we delivered that bluesy little tribute over the phone, the client (her sister) said: “You got everything in! My eyes are watering!” Those are called tears, ma’am. We actually give a tear-on-delivery discount. If you cry when we deliver the draft (those tears are different from all the tears that will be shed at the event–those are guaranteed), you get a 10% discount.

For Dorsey on her 50th

Sister, it’s your special day
Sister, we got something to say
So Sister, shut those moving parts for now
You used to talk to hear the sound of your own voice
Oh Sister, now you got no choice
It’s our turn
To make you feel special now!

Business trips, or holiday fun have brought you out to see us a lot
And when you’re here, the party never stops
You know you’re fun on wheels
But Sister, you never sit still
That is, of course, unless you take a spill
Oh sister you’ll hop right up and do it again

Your hors d’oeuvres are legendary; no one’s going hungry ‘round you
You’re singing’s extraordinary too
So let me tell ya something
Sister, I’m singing your song
My sister who beat me at ping pong
But Sister, you know I’d let you do it again

So shake your shimmy

Sister it’s your special day
Girlfriend, well, anyway….
We’re sisters and we still got a long way to go
We can hear your laugh across this great land of ours
You spread the love, and so much more
Oh Sister,
It’s time you took a bow!



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